240ml China Clear Glass Olive Oil Bottle

  • Capacity : 240ML
  • Weight : 421G
  • Body Material : Glass
  • Base Material : Glass
  • Sealing Type : Screw Cap
  • Feature : Light and Transparent
  • Use : Wine, Juice, Vodka, Champagne, Tequila, Whiskey, Brand
  • Usage : Kitchen,Dinning room,Party
  • OEM/ODM : Accepted
  • MOQ : 5000pcs
  • Logo : Acceptable Customer’s Logo
  • Certificate : LFGB /FDA/SGS and so on
  • Place of Origin : Jiangsu,China
  • Package : Carton and pallet or customized/Customer's Requirements


The bottle body is made of lead-free crystal white glass, which is white and flawless and has good light transmission.

The bottle bottom is thickened and wear-resistant and the thread design is more non-slip and stable.

The combination of food-grade screw caps has a stronger seal and is watertight.

It is suitable for storing fruit wine, fruit drinks, coffee, beer, and other beverages.

It is safe and hygienic, non-toxic and tasteless, has no residual odor from manufacturing processes, easy to clean, and is reusable.

We have other similar products if you have any needs please feel free to contact us.

Technique Parameters:

Anti-thermal shock degree: ≥ 41 degrees

Internal-stress(Grade): ≤ Grade 4

Thermal Tolerance: 120 degrees

Anti Shock: ≥ 0.7

As, Pb content: conforming to food industry restriction

Pathogenic Bacteium: Negative

About Our Company

Xuzhou Cui Can Glass Products Co., Ltd is located in the Xuzhou City of Jiangsu Province.

It specializes in researching, designing, manufacturing, and marketing all kinds of glass products, such as cosmetics glass bottles, perfume glass bottles, glass wine bottles, champagne bottles, beverage and liquor bottles, and food packing bottles.

The factory covers an area of 20,000 square meters and brings in advanced equipment.

Now it has 10 production lines for making glass bottles.

There are 10 production workshops and 30 assembly lines in our company.

Our annual output is up to 300 million pieces (150,000 tons) and we offer professional glass painting/printing services and hot stamping services.



Capacity : 240ML
Use: Wine, Juice, Vodka, Champagne, Tequila, etc.
Sample Time: 10-15 Days
Cap: Dust Cover
Lead time : About 30 days after we get the deposit
Supply ability : 1000,000 pcs /day
Logo : Accept to make all kinds of logos



What is its main use?

Olive oil bottles can be used for storing different types of oils, including olive oils as well as other types of vegetable oils such as sunflower or corn oils. They can also be used to store cooking oils such as soybean oil, peanut oil, and rapeseed oil because they have similar properties to olive oils in terms of appearance and taste.

Can you provide samples?

Yes, we can provide samples.

Can I have my own design?

Yes, we can make your own design. According to your requirement, we can make the best design for you.

What're its strengths of it?

1. It's made of high-quality glass, which is very safe and reliable to use. 2. The cap of it is made of PP material, which is very durable and sturdy to use. 3. Its capacity is 240ml, which is enough for most people in your family or for you alone(if you are single). 4. It's easy to clean and store, and it can be easily washed by hand with warm water and soap after each use. Moreover, you can keep it in the cabinet or on the table without any worry about the dust or other dirt accumulating on its surface when you don't need it because it doesn't have any holes in its body (except for the mouth). You can also throw out all the things inside of it after using up all its content if you want to keep it clean and save space in your kitchen cabinet or drawer. 5. It has a long shelf life so that you can use it for a long time without worrying about its quality being deteriorated or broken down by using inappropriate ways like dropping, knocking over onto concrete flooring, etc...Besides, it won't cause any harm to your health as long as you don't put anything into it except olive oil (or other liquid oils)

Is there anything special about this bottle?

1. It's made of high-quality glass. 2. It has a beautiful appearance and is easy to clean. 3. It's very convenient for use and storage, which makes it suitable for traveling or home use and so on. 4. The glass bottle has a wide range of applications, and you can use it for oil, soy sauce, vinegar, and so on.

Is there anything to watch out for?

Yes, there are a few things to watch out for. First of all, the glass bottles need to be washed thoroughly before filling them with olive oil. The reason is that they may contain traces of detergents or other chemicals – which could affect the flavor of your olive oil. Secondly, you should avoid putting hot oil into cold bottles as this can cause stress fractures and even cracks in your containers. Finally, if you notice any minor scratches on your bottles, don’t worry too much about them as they will not affect their functionality. However, if there is no other way around it then try using some sandpaper to remove them.


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