Fruit Wine Bottle


Fruit wine bottles are specially crafted receptacles meant to house single servings of this unique beverage.All sorts of fruits - grapes, berries, apples and pears - come together to make Fruit Wine, an alcoholic beverage generated from their fermentation. Bottles that contain this beverage range in size and form but feature labels that showcase the type of fruit wine, its alcoholic content and the manufacturer. In order to keep its fresh taste, these bottles are secured with a cork or a screw cap. Some bottles even have delightful designs or unique shapes, which could be used for decoration or for collecting.

What is Fruit Wine Bottle?

Fruit wine bottles are containers made specifically for storing, as well as transporting, fruit-based wines. Favored amongst both amateur and commercial users alike, they also go by a variety of other monikers such as 'country wine bottle', 'fruit jar' and 'jelly jar'. Fruit wine is an alcoholic beverage crafted from succulent, non-grape fruits, and has evolved to become a distinct taste experience. Delicate flavors merged with subtle nuances create this unique elixir enjoyed by many. For a truly original, artisanal taste, many producers recommend crafting a cider made from a blend of fruits like apples, peaches, pears, plums and berries. The combinations are as diverse as the individual products. A flavorful heritage of taste awaits within each sip of fruit-based refreshment. Some people even make their own fruit wine by combining a variety of fruits in one batch for brewing.

The Charm Of The Wine Bottle:

With its distinguished presence, the graceful fruit wine bottle proclaims an undeniable appeal. For those with a fondness for vino, this elegant container is a celebrated choice. Such popularity attests to the captivating glamour of the fruit wine bottle. Fruit wine bottles have become a go-to choice for those seeking to enjoy some vino. Not only used for keeping wine, they can also be used to store beer, water, lemonade, orange juice, tea and coffee. These decorated storage solutions are frequently found in homes, restaurants and bars adding an attractive touch that functions all in one.

Benefits :

  1. It is a kind of special bottle, it has its own unique style and can be different from general wine bottles.
  2. Crafted from glass and adorned with stunning, intricate details, this item is an ideal piece for both elegant decoration and a beautiful addition to any home.
  3. Enjoy delicious and fresh fruit juices over a longer period of time with the sealing capabilities of this machine. Perfect for those that consume fruit juice or enjoy their daily dose of fruit.
  4. With its simple upkeep and hassle-free maintenance, a fruit wine bottle is a willing companion in everyday exploits.
  5. The high-grade construction of the wine bottle ensures greater resistance to heat, while its construction is robust, providing a secure seal that is able to prevent leakage and off-putting odors and tastes.The fruit wine bottle seals tightly, delivering an invigorating taste without any unwanted aromas or flavors. Its integrity assures your delicious vintage retains its original flavor profile without disruption.
  6. Fashionable design! The fruit wine bottle has more than 20 kinds of styles, including classic round shape and square shape bottles with different colours and sizes to meet your needs! The unique design makes your product more fashionable than other ordinary products.
  7. Reasonable price! We provide good quality and competitive prices for our customers all over the world!


If you are susceptible to yeasts, consuming fruit wine might lead to an adverse reaction. After all, like any other type of wine, it is a wholly natural product and contains microorganisms. Wine is not ready to drink when bottled. It needs time (at least one year) to mature before consumption. If you're after the perfect taste of your homemade fruit wine, best to keep it away from the fridge - cooling your brew can kill off the yeast and fermentation. However, if you prefer storing it chilled, ensure you place it in bottles no larger than 375 ml or 750 ml, and refrigerate those. Always make sure your bottle is clean before filling it. Sterilized without any foreign matter.


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