Reviews and Benefits of Amber Dropper Dispensing Bottles

Amber Dropper Dispensing Bottles

Dispensing bottles are perfect for using with essential oils, perfumes, and aromatherapy oils. The small opening makes it easy to control how much oil you use at once, but also makes it challenging to use the bottle for anything else. Using an amber dropper dispensing bottle is a great way to make sure your oil remains clean from sunlight and safe from evaporation. Using one is also the best way to preserve any essential oils or aromatherapy oils that you’re not going to use right away. In addition, they are great if you want to apply the oils directly to your skin rather than just smelling them as you might with a standard bottle. Luckily, there are several different kinds of amber dispenser bottles available that make storing and using essential oils much easier. Let’s take a look at some popular options and their benefits here…

Amber Dropper Dispensing Bottles 2023

Why is Using an Amber Dropper Bottle Important?

Dropper bottles are great for adding essential oils to bathwater, cleaning products, and more. But, why does it matter if you buy an amber bottle? Well, cleanliness is one of the biggest reasons. Standard bottles are likely to have germs that could cause harm when you use them. When you use an amber bottle, you know it’s clean and ready to go. No washing necessary! Another great reason to buy amber dropper bottles is to protect your oils from sunlight. It’s easy to forget that sunlight can negatively affect the potency of your oils. When you store them in an amber dropper bottle, you keep them safe. Amber bottles are also useful for preventing evaporation. The wide opening of a dropper bottle makes it easy to see how much oil is left inside. When it gets low, you can simply refill it.

Where to Find Amber Bottles

Amber bottles are easy to find online or in stores. When you’re shopping for the bottles, look for ones that have a dropper attached to the cap. You can also find bottles that have lids for storing things like jewelry and other small items. When you find bottles that are the right size, you can easily reuse them for oils, vinegar, or other liquids.

What to Look for When Buying an Amber Dropper Bottle

There are a few things you should keep in mind when you’re buying an amber dropper bottle. First, keep in mind that the size of the bottle will affect how much oil you can fit inside. Small bottles are great for travel, but you won’t be able to store as much oil. When you’re shopping for bottles, you’ll also want to look for the quality of the amber. Make sure the bottles come with the right stickers that can tell you the level of UV protection and what they are able to protect. You will also want to keep in mind things like the size of the dropper. If you want to use it for more than just oils, you’ll want to find a dropper that is wide enough to dispense other liquids too.

Our Recommendations: The Top 3 Amber Dropper Bottles

Now that we’ve talked about why you might like to use an amber dropper for your essential oils, let’s take a look at three of the best bottles on the market today. This is one of the higher-end dropper bottles, but it’s worth the investment. It’s a dark amber color with a cork stopper and a wide 17-milliliter dropper. It’s great for adding essential oils to your bath or cleaning products. Pros Cons Wide opening makes it easy to fill. Might leak a little when you close it. Quick and easy to use Good price Doesn’t come with a lid A little bit smaller than some of the other bottles This is another great option if you want a high-quality amber dropper bottle. It has a wide 11-milliliter dropper with a cork stopper. It’s an affordable option without sacrificing quality. Pros Cons Easy to use Good price Good size Easy to clean Not one of the higher-end bottles This is an affordable option with a smaller dropper. It’s a great choice if you want a smaller bottle to use with oils but don’t have a lot of space. Pros Cons Smaller bottle is great for travel Wide-mouth dropper makes it easy to add oils Reasonably priced Smaller bottle may not fit in some spaces


If you want to make sure your essential oils stay clean, pure, and potent, the best way is to store them in an amber dropper bottle. These bottles are specially designed to protect the oils from sunlight and keep them clean. They can also be used to store other liquids like vinegar. When you use an amber dropper bottle, you can also be sure that your oils are clean and ready to go. They are the best way to protect your oils from sunlight and keep them safe from evaporation.


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