3 Mins! A Complete Guide Of A Better Birds Nest Jar

Do you know how to order some high-quality Birds Nest jars? The premise is that you’d better understand this knowledge first, so as not to make mistakes.

Because bird’s nest is expensive food, you’d better be more meticulous in the steps of storage. Let it reach your consumers in better condition.

What is the Birds Nest? What’s The Special About Birds Nest Jar?

The bird’s nest is a traditional Chinese food. It is made from the saliva of the bird (such as swiftlet), which contains a lot of protein. The bird’s saliva is collected by the farmers. The saliva is then dried and put into a jar.

The bird’s nest has many health benefits because it contains many nutrients such as calcium, protein, phosphorus, sodium, and iodine.

The bird’s nest can help improve your skin condition and improve your blood circulation. It can also help to improve your immunity against diseases such as cancer or diabetes mellitus. 

The Birds Nest jar mentioned here is a container used to store the expensive delicacy of a bird’s nest.

What is the function of the Birds Nest jar used to store a bird’s nest?

To answer this question, we must first know the conditions required for storing food such as bird’s nests, and what are the requirements for containers:

Bird’s nest has different states, such as dry, wet, or ready-to-eat. The storage conditions and containers required by these states are also different. For instance, you can store dry bird nests in glass jars or plastic bags, but when it comes to wet nests, you will need a container that is easy to clean and does not absorb water.

3 Factors That Make A Birds Nest Jar Good Or Bad:

When choosing the right Birds Nest jar to store bird’s nest (or other valuable food), three factors are crucial. They are respectively:

1. The material used to make the jar:

The first thing to look at when buying a Birds Nest jar is its material. This is because a bird’s nest is a delicacy that is rich in nutrients, such as calcium and protein. If the jar is made of plastic, then it will contain harmful chemicals which can affect the quality of the food stored inside.

Generally, the better Birds Nest jars use glass as a container to store the bird’s nest. Especially the use of healthy lead-free harmless glass. These glasses have the following benefits that make them an even better Birds Nest jar:

  • – They are safe to use and can be used for a long time without any side effects.
  • – They are easy to clean and maintain, which makes them last longer.
  • – They do not leak any harmful chemicals or substances into the food stored inside them.
  • – They look more aesthetically pleasing and will captivate your consumers. Moreover, you can also customize your Birds Nest jar in CUICAN to make it look more distinctive.

2. The airtightness of the jar:

The airtightness of a jar is one of the factors that affect its use. If your product contains sensitive ingredients that require high temperatures to maintain their quality, then you need to have an airtight Birds Nest jar. This will prevent the loss of moisture and change in flavor during storage.

You can get a more airtight lid for your bird’s nest to better store your product. In general, the types of lids commonly used for Birds Nest jars are :

  • -Panama lids (or flat caps):

These lids are used to cover the mouth of the jar. They consist of a flat, circular piece that fits on top of the jar and can be removed easily by twisting or removing it with your hand.

  •  -Screw caps:

This is another type of lid that you can find on Birds Nest jars. It has a threaded edge so it can screw onto a jar tightly and securely.

3. The size of the container:

In terms of size, if you are a novice, we recommend that you choose the common Birds Nest jar size on the market. This can range from 15ml to 200ml, depending on your needs.

For example, your target consumer group is refined white-collar, they prefer to control their share of body intake. It is recommended that you choose a Birds Nest jar with a smaller capacity.

Of course, this is just an example, and you can conduct more detailed market research to determine what your product serving size is. You can’t go wrong with a larger-sized Birds Nest jar. 

In CUICAN, You Can Customize Your Birds Nest Jars:

You can go to CUICAN to customize the Birds Nest jars you need to store your products. As mentioned above, glass is a more suitable container material for storing a bird’s nest. Not only is it non-toxic and harmless, but it is also an inert material that will not chemically react with your food. This allows for maximum preservation of your product.

Also, the Birds Nest jar made of glass will not be easily damaged during shipping. The crystal clear glass holds the expensive and exquisite bird’s nest, which is well placed in the gift box, which will make your product look more luxurious.

The unique thing about the Birds Nest jar that is made of glass is that it has three layers of protection – the outer shell, the inner layer, and the airtight seal. It protects the bird’s nest from moisture and contamination, which would damage its quality. It also keeps odors away from the delicate material.

The function of this jar is to preserve food and other goods for long periods without damaging their quality. It can keep food safe from bacteria and pests as well as prevent oxidation (when oxygen combines with certain foods). In addition, it has excellent insulation properties that can keep items cool or warm indefinitely if necessary!


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