Fashion Small Bulk Empty Perfume Spray Glass Bottles

  • Product Name : Perfume glass bottle
  • Volume : 5ml 10ml 15ml 30ml 50ml or customized
  • Body Material : Glass
  • Sealing Type : PUMP SPRAYER
  • Color : Clear or customized
  • Use : PERFUME, Essential Oil, Other Cosmetic
  • Usage : Perfume Packaging
  • OEM/ODM : Accepted
  • MOQ : 5000pcs
  • Sample : Sample is freely for you
  • Logo : Acceptable Customer's Logo
  • Certificate : LFGB /FDA/SGS and so on


The glass body of our drinking bottle is corrosion-resistant, rustproof, and wear-resistant.

The bottle mouth is smooth and round, making it easy to fill with liquid.

Because it’s thin and uniform, the nozzle presses smoothly when you drink from it. Lead-free glass is thick and hard, so you can see how much liquid you have left inside.

These portable drinking bottles are ideal for short trips, office use, shopping or visiting friends.

And if you’re looking for other similar products, our company will be your best choice!

Our wide variety of products is sold all over the world to provide you with the best service and highest quality at the lowest price possible!

Technique Parameters:

Anti-thermal shock degree: ≥ 41 degrees

Internal-stress(Grade): ≤ Grade 4

Thermal Tolerance: 120 degrees

Anti Shock: ≥ 0.7

As, Pb content: conforming to food industry restriction

Pathogenic Bacteium: Negative

About Our Company

Xuzhou Cui Can Glass Products Co., Ltd is located in the Xuzhou City of Jiangsu Province, where we manufacture and market all kinds of glass products,

including cosmetics bottles, perfume bottles, wine bottles, liquor and beverage containers and food packing materials.

Our factory covers an area of 20,000 square meters.

We employ the latest equipment and follow advanced production lines.

Currently, we have 10 production lines for glass bottles; there are 10 workshops and 30 assembly lines in our company.

Our annual output reaches 300 million pieces (150,000 tons);

moreover, we provide professional painting services (glass painting), printing processes (hot stamping), polishing activities and other related services for our customers.



Capacity : 5ml 10ml 15ml 30ml 50ml or customized
Use: PERFUME, Essential Oil, Other Cosmetic
Sample Time: 10-15 Days
Sealing Type : PUMP SPRAYER
Lead time : About 30 days after we get the deposit
Supply ability : 1000,000 pcs /day
Logo : Accept to make all kinds of logos



What do you call a small glass perfume bottle?

A flacon is a tiny, often-decorative bottle.

What is the sprayer on a perfume bottle called?

Both fragrances and your travel bottle include snug-fitting caps that keep their contents fresh. To avoid spraying all over yourself, take off the cap, then twist off the sprayer from your travel bottle. This way, you can easily refill from a splash bottle of perfume.

How do you reuse an empty perfume bottle?

1. Turn them into a Flower Vase. ... 2. Turn them into a gorgeous Perfume Display. ... 3. Turn them into an Oil Burner. ... 4. Turn them into Art. ... 5. Turn them into Candle Holders. ... 6. Turn them into Wedding Party Favours. ... 7. Turn them into a Glitter Globe.

How do you make homemade liquid perfume?

1. Pour the carrier oil into the bottle of your choice and add a base, middle, and top notes. Fill alcohol. 2. Secure the lid, and let it sit for 48 hours. ... 3. Once you're satisfied, add the bottled water. 4. Transfer the perfume to another bottle using a coffee filter. 5. Enjoy your new fragrance!

How do you make perfume smell stronger?

The best way to wear perfume is to layer it directly on your skin, preferably warm, slightly damp skin when you just come out of the shower. Warm water opens your pores and allows your perfume to be absorbed into your skin.

What is the most common ingredient in perfume?

The most common perfume ingredients are essential oils, ethanol, and water, although chemical compounds or fragrance ingredients may also be present. Water and ethanol are used to reduce the strength of the essential oils, the perfume ingredients responsible for the scent of a perfume.


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