Wholesale fragrance bottles,30ml,50ml,100ml

  • Product Name : Perfume glass bottle
  • Volume : 30ml 50ml 100ml or custom
  • Body Material : Glass
  • Sealing Type : PUMP SPRAYER
  • Color : Clear or customized
  • Use : PERFUME, Essential Oil, Other Cosmetic
  • Usage : Perfume Packaging
  • OEM/ODM : Accepted
  • MOQ : 5000pcs
  • Sample : Sample is freely for you
  • Logo : Acceptable Customer's Logo
  • Certificate : LFGB /FDA/SGS and so on


Our stylish glass perfume bottles are made of clear glass with a thick bottom and an elegant cap.

  • The press nozzle is fine, balanced, and even.
  • The portable size is ideal for carrying on short trips, to the office, shopping, visiting and many other occasions.
  • Inexpensive, unique design, beautiful and practical.

It is the best gift for family members or friends.

We can customize logos and labels for you if you want.

  • Besides, if you are looking for other similar items, our company will be your best choice.
  • Our wide variety of products is sold all over the world.
  • Provide you with the best service and the highest quality at the lowest price!
Technique Parameters:

Anti-thermal shock degree: ≥ 41 degrees

Internal-stress(Grade): ≤ Grade 4

Thermal Tolerance: 120 degrees

Anti Shock: ≥ 0.7

As Pb content: conforming to food industry restriction

Pathogenic Bacterium: Negative

About Our Company

Xuzhou Cui Can Glass Products Co., Ltd is located in Xuzhou City of Jiangsu Province, specializing in researching, designing, manufacturing and marketing all kinds of glass products,

such as cosmetics glass bottles, perfume glass bottles, glassware bottles, champagne bottles and other related products.

Our factory covers an area of 20,000 square meters (about 4.9 acres) and employs advanced equipment to ensure the most efficient production possible.

We currently have 10 production lines for making glass bottles and offer professional glass painting, printing, hot stamping and polishing services.



Capacity : 30ML/50ML/100ML
Use: PERFUME, Essential Oil, Other Cosmetic
Sample Time: 10-15 Days
Sealing Type : PUMP SPRAYER
Lead time : About 30 days after we get the deposit
Supply ability : 1000,000 pcs /day
Logo : Accept to make all kinds of logos



What are the features of an empty square perfume bottle with lids?

1. Made of high-quality glass material. 2. Suitable for liquid or perfume. 3. With lid cover, easy to store and transport. 4. Can be used in the home or office decoration as well as business promotion gift items.

What precautions should be taken during use?

1. Do not leave them in direct sunlight or any other heat source such as a heater or radiator. The heat can cause the perfume to evaporate and also break down the liquid itself. 2. Do not overfill your perfume bottle because this will cause leakage when you are carrying it around in your bag or pocket. 3. If you accidentally spill some of your perfume on your clothes, immediately wash the area with cool water. Do not dab at it with a towel as this will spread the spilled liquid further and make it difficult for you to remove all traces of it from your clothes. 4. Do not forget to put on some protective gloves before handling any glass or metal objects in order to avoid getting cuts on your fingers by accident while using them.

Is there anything special about such a square perfume bottle?

The square shape of the perfume bottle is very popular among people. It is suitable for many occasions, whether it's a business trip, a party or a wedding. The square perfume bottle comes with two lids: one is the standard flat top and the other is a chamfered lid. The chamfered lid looks more beautiful and exquisite than the flat-top lid. The design of the square perfume bottle is not only beautiful but also practical, especially because it can be easily put into your bag when you are on the move. Square perfume bottles have their own advantages compared to a round or oval-shaped ones. They are easier to store since they take up less space and are more convenient to carry around as well as being able to sit on any surface without rolling away from you.

What can it bring?

The empty square perfume bottle with the lid is made of high-quality material, which can be used for the production of cosmetics, perfume, liquid soap and so on. The clear glass bottle with a lid is convenient to use, and it can be recycled as well. The empty square perfume bottle with the plastic cap can be used to store various kinds of liquid products like perfume, liquid soap and essential oils. The clear glass bottle with a lid can be reused as long as it is cleaned properly after each use. In addition, this empty square perfume bottle with a plastic cap comes in different sizes according to your needs, such as a 100ml pet bottle or a 200ml pet bottle. You can choose one that suits you best based on its size and shape.

How many times a day is better to use?

The best time to use this perfume is before going out. You can use it any time during the day, but it's best to apply it before you leave for work or school. If you have a long day ahead of you, then I would recommend using this product twice a day (morning and night) because it has a very strong scent and will last all day long.

Is this perfume bottle reusable?

When you buy this empty bottle, it's ready for repurposing. Just add the lids to seal it off and make it airtight. This perfume bottle can be used to store any liquid product, including perfumes, lotions and oils. The clear glass makes it easy to see what's inside and refill when necessary. You can also use this empty perfume bottle to store homemade products like body scrubs, hand sanitizers and more. You'll love how easy it is to clean up after using your homemade products when you use these bottles that come with lids!


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