How To Cut Holes In Glass Bottles

  • The following is a method for making a hole in a glass bottle using a power drill.
  • Place your glass bottle on a flat surface and use a rubber pad to cushion the bottle. This will help keep the bottle in place while you drill, and cushioning will provide extra support.
  • Tape the area before you drill it. Use packaging or masking tape, not just ordinary adhesive tape. This will prevent glass splintering if pressure is applied during drilling.
  • Mark the reference area on the tape. Marking the right spot will guide you as you drill and prevent you from moving around too much and making a hole in the wrong location.
  • When drilling through glass, it is imperative that you do not leave the drill on full power. Glass bottles are extremely delicate and applying strong electric power through a drill will break the glass immediately. Adjust your speed dial to the lowest setting.
  • When the area you wanted to drill starts to come off, apply less pressure
  • Spray water on the drill bit throughout the hole-drilling process. Drill bits become hot easily and can melt the glass as a result. Spray water periodically and keep the drill bit cool. Just be careful not to drop water on any electric appliance. Keep drilling until a clean hole is achieved!

If you Google search “how to cut holes in a glass bottle” you will find plenty of articles with step-by-step instructions on how to do it. The problem is, most of these don’t work very well. They either won’t cut through the glass or they are so complicated that you wouldn’t trust yourself trying them at home. The good news, however, is that there really isn’t anything tricky about cutting holes in a glass bottle. Anybody can do it and the whole process takes between 10 and 15 minutes. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular methods for doing this and see which one works best for your personal situation and needs…

Manual Hole Cutting with a Rotary Tool

A rotary tool is a handheld power tool that spins a small grinding wheel or saw blade fast enough to cut through almost any material. Rotary tools are most commonly used to cut housing materials, drywall, and sheet metals. Rotary tools typically have collets that can hold a variety of abrasive tips and attachments, such as grinding wheels, cutoff wheels, sanding discs, polishing wheels, and saws. Rotary tools can be used to cut through glass bottles with the right attachments. Cutting glass bottles with a rotary tool is a two-step process. First, you must create a pilot hole with a smaller drill bit. Then, you must increase the diameter of the hole using a rotary tool with a larger grinding wheel.

Manual Hole Cutting with a Glass Bottle Cutter

Glass bottle cutters are specialized shears designed to make clean, straight cuts through glass bottles. Most glass bottle cutters are designed with a spring-loaded clamp that applies even pressure around the bottle for a cleaner cut and less breakage. Some glass bottle cutters come with interchangeable blades that make it easier to cut holes in the bottles. Cutting holes in glass bottles with a glass bottle cutter is easy as long as you choose a model that has an adjustable blade and clamping system. Simply put the bottle in the clamp and adjust the blade until it almost touches the bottle. Then, slowly and carefully apply pressure to the clamp to make a clean, straight cut.

Manual Hole Cutting with Dremel Cutoff Wheels

A Dremel cutoff wheel is a metal-cutting abrasive wheel designed to fit the Dremel brand of rotary tools. Dremel cutoff wheels can be used to cut through metal, ceramics, and other materials. Although they won’t work for every project, they can be effective for cutting holes in glass bottles. You can use a Dremel cutoff wheel to cut a hole in a glass bottle like you would use a drill to make a hole in wood or metal. You’ll just need to make sure you have an uncoated abrasive cutoff wheel and that your Dremel can handle the extra weight.

Manual Holes with Drills and Mandrels

Drills are a common tool in many home toolboxes. Almost any brand of drill can be used to make a hole in glass. The only problem is that most drills aren’t designed to cut glass and they don’t work very well. The problem is that drills are designed to push materials away, not pull them towards you. When you try to cut holes in glass bottles with a drill, you’ll find that you get better results by pulling the drill towards you rather than pushing it away. Using a drill to cut holes in glass bottles is a two-step process. First, use an appropriately sized drill bit to create a pilot hole of the desired diameter. Then, use a mandrel to increase the diameter of the hole.

Automatic Holes using Glass Blowing Equipment

Glass blowing is the process of heating up a piece of glass until it is soft enough to be formed. At first, the glass will be a very dark blue-green colour. Then, when it is heated to a bright yellow colour, it is ready to be shaped. After shaping, it is allowed to cool and harden. You can use glass blowing equipment to make automatic holes in a glass bottle. The first step is the same as with the other methods. You’ll need to create a pilot hole of the desired diameter. However, once you have a pilot hole you can use different glass blowing techniques to finish the hole.


Cutting holes in glass bottles is easy when you use the right equipment and a bit of know-how. Anybody can learn how to cut holes in glass bottles using these manual or automatic methods. Whether you want to make your own bottle garden, terrariums, or bottle lighting fixtures, the first step is to cut holes in your glass bottles.


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