Why Do Spices Last Longer In Seasoning Glass Jars?

CUICAN’s seasoning glass jars can be used to store a variety of seasonings and spices. You can use the seasoning glass jar to store the following items:




-Cumin powder

-Garlic powder  

Why do spice merchants prefer to store their more expensive spices in seasoning glass jars? The short answer is that it helps them sell more of those precious spices. But let’s take a moment to explore the question in greater detail.

What Is The Best Container To Store Spices Or Seasonings In?

Before deciding which type of container to use for your seasonings, it is important that you consider what kind of environment will be best suited to storing them.

1. Temperature:

The temperature of the stored spices should be between 15-25℃. And the lower temperature is better for keeping the original flavor, taste, and color of spices. So it’s not good to store spices in warm places or places with direct sunlight.

2. Moisture:

The moisture content in the air should be less than 75% RH (relative humidity). If there is too much moisture in the air, it will lead to rusting and corrosion of containers and caps after long-term storage, which will affect the quality of spices and thus reduce their shelf life.

3. Light:

The light level in the storage area should be less than 50% of full sunlight. If there is too much light, it will cause changes in the color and flavor of spices, which will lead to a reduction in shelf life.

4. Oxygen:

The air should be dry, and the oxygen content should be less than 20% of the total amount of air in the storage area. If there is too much oxygen, it will cause spices to oxidize and lose their flavor, which reduces their shelf life.

If you want to store your seasonings or spices and other products for a longer period of time, it is recommended that you choose CUICAN’s seasoning glass jars as containers.

Why Do Spices Last Longer In Seasoning Glass Jars?

As mentioned above, both spices and seasonings are sensitive objects, which have high requirements for factors such as air and humidity. Especially for some expensive spices, must be fresh from the shelf to the consumer’s kitchen.

Common spice jars are made of plastic, metal, or glass. Many consumers think that seasoning glass jars can be used to store spices for a long time. And indeed it is. Here’s why spices last longer in seasoning glass jars:

1. provide an ideal storage environment:

Glass containers provide an ideal storage environment for spices because they don’t absorb moisture from the air and allow light to pass through. This means that light can get through the container without exposing your spice blend to harmful UV rays, which will help keep your contents fresh and safe from bacteria growth.

2. glass is a non-porous material, and it is difficult for chemical reactions to occur:

Glass is a non-porous material, which means that it is difficult for chemical reactions to occur. This prevents the breakdown of enzymes in your spices, keeping them fresh.

3. glass containers are inert:

Since glass is inert and does not react with chemicals or other materials, it won’t leach any unwanted elements into your spices overtime—keeping them safe from contamination.

4. glass is a good insulator:

Glass is a good insulator, which means that it can keep your spices at the ideal temperature and protect them from extreme fluctuations in heat or cold. This helps prevent premature spoilage and allows your spices to retain their original flavor and aroma.

How Do You Store Spices And Seasonings So They Don’t Get Hard?

You can buy these seasoning glass jars you need in bulk at CUICAN to store your spice products. Do you know where to store these seasoning glass jars?

If you want to keep your spices fresh for longer periods of time, there are some tips that you should follow:

1) Keep them in dark places:

The best place to store your spices is in a dark cupboard away from windows or any other source of light. Light will make them lose their potency very quickly. You can also store them in a dark jar if you don’t have enough space for a cupboard in your kitchen.

2) Don’t leave them out in the open:

If you have to leave your spices out when cooking or preparing food, make sure that they are covered with aluminum foil or plastic wrap so that they won’t get exposed to air which will cause them to lose their flavor faster than normal.

3) Store them in tightly closed containers:

When storing your spices, make sure that you close the lids tightly after taking out what you need so that no additional air will get inside and affect their taste over time.

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