Water Drop Shape Glass Juice Bottles Wholesale

  • Name : Beverage Glass Bottle
  • Body Materia : Glass
  • Surface Handling : Hot Stamping, Frosted, Screen Printing, Painting, Electroplate,etc
  • Capacity : 100ml,265ml,355ml.Customer’s requirements.
  • MOQ : Negotiable
  • OEM/ODM : Acceptable
  • Bottle color : Clear or customized color
  • Usage : Wine,Coffee,Juice,Milk,Coffee,etc.
  • In stock : Within 7 days after receiving payment.
  • Out of stock : 25 ~ 40 days after receiving payment.
  • Package : Carton/Pallet/Customer’s Requirements.


These teardrop-shaped glass bottles are immaculately white with good light transmission, making them perfect for storing fruit wine, fruit drinks, coffee, beer, and other beverages.

They come with food-grade screw caps and are incredibly strong—so you don’t have to worry about leakage or spilling.

The glass material has no residual odor and is completely tasteless;

it’s safe for use with any beverage and will keep your ingredients fresh.

We can customize logos or labels for you if you want; just place an order with us today!


About Our Company

Xuzhou Cui Can Glass Products Co., Ltd is a leading glass bottle manufacturer located in Xuzhou City of Jiangsu Province.

The company has 10 fully-automated production lines and 30 assembly lines. Each year, it produces 300 million bottles—enough to fill a line of train cars stretching from New York City to Los Angeles.

Our factory covers an area of 20,000 square meters, bringing in advanced equipment and adopting the most advanced automatic production lines.

Now, we have 10 production lines for making glass bottles.

There are 10 production workshops and 30 assembly lines in our company.

Our annual output is up to 300 million pieces (150,000 tons) and we offer professional glass painting, printing, hot stamping, polishing, and other services



Name Beverage Glass Bottle
Body Material Glass
Surface Handling Hot stamping, Silk screen printing, Coated,Frosting , Decal , Electroplating, Label, ect.
Capacity 100ml,265ml,355ml.Customer’s requirements.
Cap Screw cap
OEM Accecptable
Bottle color Clear or customized color
Usage Wine,Coffee,Juice,Milk,Coffee,etc.
MOQ Negotiable
Delivery In stock : within 7 days after receiving payment. Out of stock : 25 ~ 40 days after receiving payment.
Package Carton/Pallet Customer’s Requirements.


What's so special about this water drop-shaped juice glass bottle?

The glass bottle is made of high-quality borosilicate glass, which is more durable and heat-resistant than ordinary glass. It will not change color or get cloudy even when you put hot drinks in it for a long time. Moreover, it can keep your drinks hot or cold for a long time. We have passed the BPA-free test, so this bottle can be used safely. The original design of this product makes it look unique and stylish. The unique shape of this bottle can make you stand out from others with its exquisite workmanship and high-quality material. You can use it not only for cold drinks but also for hot drinks as well; it's perfect for both indoor and outdoor activities!

What are the precautions for use?

Your water bottle is made of glass and should be treated with care. Keep the bottle out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources, such as radiators or heating vents. Also, keep it away from sharp objects that could scratch or chip the glass. Do not store hot liquids in your bottle for long periods of time! The heat will cause the glass to expand and may cause cracks or breaks. Do not put ice cubes in your bottle or leave them in your car during hot weather. If you drop your bottle on a hard surface (or drop it on purpose), there is a chance that it could break or crack. If your bottle does break, please do not attempt to drink from it! This will increase the risk of glass shards entering your mouth and throat, which can be very dangerous!

What's the benefit of it?

1. The water drop shape of glass juice bottles is unique and special, making them more attractive. 2. The water drop shape glass juice bottles are made of high-quality material, which is safe and healthy for your family. 3. The water drop shape of glass juice bottles can be used for a long time, which is economical and practical for you in many ways.

How many times do I need to wash?

The answer depends on how you use the bottle. If you use it as a water bottle, it should be washed after each use. If you use it as a juice bottle, then wash it only if there is any residue left inside. If you are using the bottle for juices and other drinks that are acidic in nature, then it is better to wash the bottle before using it again. This will prevent any kind of stains on the glass bottle and also make sure that there is no smell or odor left behind.

How do I clean?

Wash with warm water and soap to remove any dirt from your juice bottles. Then rinse well with warm water to remove any soap residue from inside the glass bottles and let them air dry in sunlight for about 2 hours before storing them back in their boxes or shelves.

In what ways can I use this product?

It can be used as a water bottle, juice bottle, wine bottle, and so on. It can be used as a gift for promotions and events.


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