Wholesale 100G 200G Instant Coffee Glass Jar

  • Name : Coffee glass jar
  • Capacity : For 100G and 200G instant coffee
  • Certification : LFGB (100% food grade )
  • Sample : Freely
  • Smaple time : About 10-14 work days
  • Meterial of bottle : Glass
  • Meterial of cap : Plastic cap
  • Color : We can offer you different color of caps


Clean color, transparent body, waist curve in the middle, suitable for holding with one hand or hanging on a hook.

Includes a golden lid.

Looks so cute!

A classic model that has been sold all over the world for 20 years.

Warm reminder:

  • Please clean with neutral detergent for the first time use.
  • Please do not heating the solid food or grease liquid directly.
  • Please do not use the metal wire or abrasive things to clean to avoid the surface scratching.
  • This product is fragile,please handle carefully when cleaning,to avoid the intense impact or collision.
  • Immediately stop using the cup when find rupture.

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There are 10 production workshops and 30 assembly lines in our company.

Our annual output is up to 300 million pieces (150,000 tons) and we offer professional glass painting, printing, hot stamping, polishing and other services.



Capacity : Height: Bottom diameter Caliber: Weight :
455ML 15.9cm 8.4CM 6.2cm 326G
885ML 18cm 10.7CM 7.2cm 426G



Does this instant coffee glass jar need repeated cleaning?

The answer is yes, you'll need to clean this jar every few months or so.
When you're using it for coffee, you should only put hot water in it.
The reason for this is that when you put cold water in the jar, it will cool down the coffee and make it taste bad.
If you want to use this jar for storing coffee beans instead of drinking them, then you should just keep it empty and put the lid on tight so that no air can get inside the jar.
The best way to clean this jar is by putting some warm water in there with some soap and scrubbing it with a sponge or cloth until it looks clean again. You should make sure that any food particles have been removed from the inside surface before doing this though!

How to use an instant coffee glass jar?

Step 1: Pour the contents into a cup or mug. Use one scoop per serving or two scoops for the whole pot. The amount of sugar and milk depends on your taste preferences. If you want more sweetness, add more sugar; if you want less sweetness, add less sugar. Step 2: Pour hot water into the cup or mug until it reaches the top of the instant coffee powder. Add milk if desired and stir until everything is dissolved and mixed well together.

How often is it better to clean?

The answer depends on how much you use your instant coffee jar. If you use it every day, you should wash it after each use. However, if you only use it once or twice a week, then you can just rinse it out and leave it on the shelf until the next time.

Is this jar reusable?

Yes, this jar is reusable. You can fill it with your favourite instant coffee and use it again. The lid of the jar is removable and you can use it as a scoop to measure the right amount of coffee powder into your cup. This jar is made of glass, so it's not microwave-safe.

How to keep the coffee fresh?

1. Keep the glass jar in the refrigerator or freezer. 2. Seal it with a lid before placing it in the refrigerator or freezer. The coffee will stay fresh for up to 2 weeks if you seal it first, and up to 1 month if you don't seal it at all.

Are you responsible for quality assurance?

Of course, if you encounter any problems during use, we will solve them for you.


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