Best Deal! Customizable Color Dropper Essential Oil Bottle

Glass Is A More Suitable Material For The Dropper Essential Oil Bottle:

Essential oils are volatile, highly concentrated liquids extracted from plants. They are used in aromatherapy, perfumes, cosmetics, and many other products.

They are sensitive to light and heat:

Essential oils are very sensitive to light and heat. They should be stored in dark-colored glass bottles with tight-fitting lids to protect them from UV rays. Lighter colors can cause the yellowing of the oil over time, so it’s important to use a dark bottle whenever possible.

Appropriate storage temperature:

The ideal storage temperature range for essential oils is between 50 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit (10 to 18 degrees Celsius). If the temperature rises above or drops below this range, it could affect the quality of your oil and potentially make it unusable. The best way to keep your essential oils cool during summer is by placing them in the refrigerator or freezer.

Compared with plastic or metal, glass has greater advantages as a container for storing essential oils:

Glass does not react:

Glass is an inert material, which means it doesn’t react with oils. This prevents changes in color or scent, and it also means that your essential oils are protected from light exposure.

It helps to protect against oxidation:

When exposed to heat and light, the constituents of some essential oils can break down, making them less effective. Glass bottles also help protect against oxidation, which causes the yellowing of essential oils and makes them less effective.

The Customizable Color Dropper Essential Oil Bottle Is Perfect For Oily Liquid:

Glass bottles of different colors have different functions, you can choose a customizable color dropper essential oil bottle at CUICAN. Common colors are blue, green, and brown. Here are the types of essential oils that are suitable for each of these different colors:

Blue dropper essential oil bottle:

Blue glass bottles are ideal for storing essential oils with therapeutic properties like eucalyptus oil or tea tree oil because they protect them from direct sunlight and maintain their purity. They also help reduce the risk of oxidation and rancidity caused by exposure to oxygen over time.

Green dropper essential oil bottle:

Green droppers are usually used for citrus oils such as lemon or lime. These oils contain a high amount of citral that gives them their signature smell. You can also use green droppers with other oils such as bergamot and sweet orange oil.

Brown dropper essential oil bottle:

For products that need to be protected from light, amber glass bottles are a better choice. Brown can filter out blue light and ultraviolet light, blocking ultraviolet radiation. This reduces the breakdown of product ingredients, extending shelf life and ingredient efficacy.

Of course, if your essential oil does not need to be protected from light, the transparent customizable color dropper essential oil bottle is also the choice of many people. They chose to give the bottle a frosted finish, which makes it look even chicer.

Glass bottles of different colors are not only helpful when storing essential oils, but their distinctive colors can also help you better distinguish the contents inside. Although you can put a label on the outside of the bottle, the color of the bottle itself is more prominent. This is also convenient for you to classify and place them during the production of essential oils.

The Customizable Color Dropper Essential Oil Bottle Is Cost-Effective:

The Customizable Color Dropper Essential Oil Bottle is a cost-effective solution for storing your essential oils. This product is made of glass and comes with an easy-access dropper. The dropper has a large opening that makes it easier to use oils from the bottle.

Protect your essential oils from contamination:

The Customizable Color Dropper Essential Oil Bottle is made of glass and it comes with a dropper. This product protects your essential oils from contamination by keeping them away from harmful substances like air, light, and moisture.

Comes with an easy-access dropper:

These bottles feature a narrow neck and dropper cap for precise measurement and control of essential oil dispensing. Its large opening is very convenient for filling your essential oil products. And its sealing method is Glass+pump/Cap form. Spiral design for better sealing.

Its cover is equipped with a good rebound silicone suction, which is easy to absorb liquid and can effectively improve your work efficiency.

Can be used repeatedly:

These bottles are made of high-quality borosilicate glass, which is sturdy and durable. They can be repeatedly used for years without losing their original properties.

They are also environmentally friendly and recyclable. If you want to reuse it, wash the bottle with soap and water to get it clean. Then, you’d better sterilize the bottles again and refill them with new essential oils. This can effectively save costs for you.

You Can Design Your Customizable Color Dropper Essential Oil Bottles:

You can customize your own essential oil bottles. These bottles are perfect for use in aromatherapy, cosmetics, and household cleaning products. The bottle is made of high-quality borosilicate glass with a black plastic tip. The bottle is reusable and recyclable, so you can save money.

The bottles have an adjustable dropper top to control the amount of liquid that you want to dispense. You can use this dropper for any essential oil, liquid, or extract liquid.

At CUICAN, you can design your Customizable Color Dropper Essential Oil Bottles. You can engrave your brand logo or other information on the bottle.

Also, as mentioned above, you can choose your preferred finish for these bottles. Such as silk screen printing, sandblasting, labeling, sanding, hot stamping, hot silver, electroplating, and other surface treatment processes. If you are interested, you can ask CUICAN for free samples.


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