Brief Guide: Kinds Of Many Glass Bottle Shot Glasses

What Is The Glass Bottle Shot Glass?

Shot glasses are small shot glasses used to measure and consume spirits (generally spirits that are 30ml or less). They are also known as “shots” in British English, and “shots” in American English.

The shot glass exists in many different sizes, but the most common ones are the 1-ounce, 1.5-ounce, 2-ounce, and 3-ounce sizes. Shot glasses come in plastic, glass, or metal and may have a thick base to prevent them from tipping over.

glass bottle shot glass

The size of the glass bottle shot glass:

The size of the shot glass varies depending on its intended use. For example, a shot glass used for measuring alcohol will be larger than one that is used as an actual drinking vessel; while a jigger is usually used as a measuring device and not an actual drinking vessel at all.

  • 1oz Shot Glasses: These shot glasses are typically used when counting out shots for multiple people at once such as when making cocktails at home or when serving drinks at bars or restaurants
  • 1.5oz Shot Glasses: This size is often referred to as a pony shot glass because it’s slightly smaller than a jigger but larger than a 1oz shot glass so it can hold about 1½oz of liquid which makes it perfect for making Jager Bombs!

Different countries have their own unique drinking culture. Correspondingly, they have different glass bottle shot glass sizes. The following will give you a brief introduction to the shot glass size of the countries.

The Size List Of Glass Bottle Shot Glass In Different Countries:

European countries, the United States, and Asian countries live in different lands, and their drinking habits and cultural atmospheres are very different. The wine they like to drink is different, and even the glass bottle shot glass used to hold the wine has different names and sizes.

The following will take the United Kingdom, the United States, China, and Japan as examples:

United Kingdom:

This country is famous for its whisky-drinking culture. Many bars use small shot glasses to serve whisky (whisky). The standard size for a whiskey glass is about 6-8 ml, but it’s not easy to find large-capacity whiskey glasses.

United States:

The most commonly used wine glass in America is a shot glass (shot), which has a capacity of 1/3 oz or 1 oz. It can be used for any type of beverage from beer to wine.


China is a country with a long wine-drinking culture, and its glasses are also very diverse. The most common type of glass is the wine glass (wine), which usually has a capacity of about 15 ml.


Japanese whiskey drinkers like to use small shot glasses with a capacity of about 5 ml or 6 ml, which can easily be held in one hand while drinking.

Here is just a list of glass bottle shot glasses common in these countries, for your reference when choosing a wine container. If you want to serve guests from these countries, these common shot glasses are sufficient.

Common Types Of The Glass Bottle Shot Glass:

In addition to the different sizes of glass bottle shot glass in different countries mentioned above, they also have different shapes. If you want to improve your bar or hotel service, you can pick your favorite.

Here are some good-looking glass bottle shot glasses for you:

Fluted glass bottle shot glass:

It is a common type of shot glass used in bars and restaurants. It has a wide base and tapers off at the top into a narrow fluted design. This glass bottle shot glass is available in different sizes, such as 2 oz, 3 oz, 4 oz, or 5 oz. They are perfect for serving any cocktail or liquor drink at your bar or restaurant.

Cheater glass bottle shot glass:

This is a glass that looks like it can hold a large number of spirits. But they have a solid and thick bottom, so they give the illusion of a regular shot glass. In reality, they only hold two-thirds of the liquid.

Tall glass bottle shot glass:

This type of glass bottle shot glass is tall, thin, and cylindrical. They are available in different sizes, such as 2 oz, 3 oz, 4 oz, or 5 oz. They are perfect for serving any cocktail or liquor drink at your bar or restaurant.

Of course, there are many different types of glass bottle shot glasses on the market. For example, CUICAN can provide you with tall glass bottle shot glasses with large capacity. Shaped in the shape of a World Cup soccer ball or a trophy, this container is perfect for bars or venues with a football crowd.

Because these quilts are shaped differently than a traditional tall shot glass, they have a thinner “waist”. Make it easier for your customers to toast and celebrate goals!

In CUICAN, You Can Customize Any Glass Bottle Shot Glass You Want:

Where can you get those glass bottle shot glasses you want? In CUICAN, you can get glass bottles of any size and shape you want through customization.

You can also send your own design drawings to CUICAN, and let them mass-produce your order for you. You can also go to CUICAN’s website to view the glass bottle products they display. Because these glass bottles with chic designs are almost all customizable.

You can trust their technology with confidence because of their extensive experience:

Food-grade high-quality lead-free glass:

CUICAN uses food-grade high-quality lead-free glass, which is safe for human consumption. They have their own factory and also can provide you with a certificate of compliance with international standards.

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CUICAN has a complete set of automatic production lines which can meet all customer requirements. The technology is advanced and the quality is guaranteed. They have invested a lot of money in this system, so they can ensure that every customer will receive their order on time.

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