DIY Black Dropper Bottle – 5 Steps To Create an Awesome DIY Accessory!

DIY Black Dropper Bottle

It has been a while since the dropper bottles became popular in the beauty industry. These tiny bottles with a small opening are used for holding and dispensing essential oils, perfumes, and other liquids that come in extremely small volumes. Nowadays, there are numerous varieties of these bottles available on the market. While they all have different uses, they also have some commonalities. For example, most of them are made of glass with a tapered stopper and an airtight seal that makes them easy to use and reuse. Given their importance as an accessory, it’s not surprising that many people make DIY black dropper bottle at home. It will cost you very little money and you can use any type of glass bottle you already have at home or buy a cheap one online ($3-$5). Read on to find out how to create an awesome DIY black dropper bottle!

Step 1: Gather the Materials

The main ingredients you will need for this project are: – A bottle of your choice. It can be any type of bottle, but it’s best if it has a dropper. – Liquid black dye. You can get it from a craft store. It’s usually cheaper than the one you find in beauty supply stores. – A bowl and water. – Paper towels. – A pair of rubber gloves.

Step 2: Clean the Bottle and Dropper

Before you start mixing the dye, it’s important to clean your bottle and dropper using warm water and dish soap. This will ensure that nothing gets stained in the process. Take the dropper out of the bottle and place it in warm water. Once the water becomes cloudy, remove it, and place it in the bowl with cold water to stop the process.

Step 3: Create Your Own Dropper Bottle Label

Creating a dropper bottle label is optional. But if you want your product to be unique, this is the best way to do it. You can either buy a dropper label online or create your own design. If you want to make your own label, choose a paper that’s thick and durable. Use a black permanent marker to create your label design. Once you’re done, place the label on the bottle and make sure it sits below the edge.

Step 4: Mix the Dye and Water

Make sure you mix the correct amount of dye and water. Take a few drops of dye in a bowl and mix it with warm water. Make sure the bowl you’re using is big enough to hold the bottle and the liquid. Place the bowl in an area where there is lots of ventilation.

Step 5: Dry and Enjoy Your DIY Black Dropper Bottle!

Once you’re done, the dye will take a few hours before it completely dries. Once it’s dry, you can easily cap the bottle and use the dropper to transfer the liquid inside the bottle to your desired destination. You can now proudly show off your new black dropper bottle at work and at home!


The dropper bottle is the best way to keep your essential oils and other liquids safe and handy. Even if you don’t use essential oils, these dropper bottles can be used to store and dispense other liquids like essential vinegar, tinctures, and more. If you want to create your own dropper bottle, all you need is some time and patience. The overall cost of ingredients is low, and the process is quite simple. Now that you know how to make a DIY black dropper bottle, what are you waiting for? Grab your bottle, ingredients, and follow these 5 simple steps. Your black dropper bottle will be ready and waiting to help out any time you need it!


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