Things You Should Know About The Medical Glass Vacuum Bottle

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If you’ve worked in a hospital, clinic, or laboratory, you’ve probably seen Medical Glass Vacuum Bottles often. It’s not very big, but it can help you do a lot of things. It can be used as a water container, test tube holder, and more. The most important thing is that it can prevent the liquid from evaporation and contamination. This blog will introduce you to the Medical Glass Vacuum Bottle in detail. 

Medical Glass Vacuum Bottle

What Is The Medical Glass Vacuum Bottle?

Do you know when is the first Medical Glass Vacuum Bottle invented? What is it designed for? The Medical Glass Vacuum Bottle is a medical device used to keep liquid samples at a constant temperature and pressure. It is designed to work in extreme conditions, such as high altitude, low temperatures, and underwater. This glass bottle has been used for many years by scientists in laboratories around the world, but it is now available for home use as well. When you need to store your liquid samples at a specific temperature or pressure, you can use this medical device to do so.

The First Medical Glass Vacuum Bottle:

The first medical glass vacuum bottle was invented by German chemist Carl von Linde in 1879 for use in his refrigeration machines. It was designed with two chambers: one filled with liquid and one filled with air. The air pressure inside the bottle keeps the liquid from evaporating quickly while still allowing it to be easily transported around the world when needed by scientists or doctors who need to store their samples under specific conditions.

It is used to store medicines and other liquid substances, especially those that are sensitive to temperature changes. The device can keep medicines cold or hot without affecting their potency or effectiveness. It also helps prevent bacterial growth and contamination.

Types Of The Medical Glass Vacuum Bottle:

The Medical Glass Vacuum Bottle is a product that is widely used in hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities. It is mainly used to store water and other liquids. According to different uses, it can be divided into the following types:

The Medical Glass Vacuum Bottle Used In Hospitals And Clinics:

This type of Medical Glass Vacuum Bottle is mainly used in hospitals and clinics. It is often used to store water, milk, juice, and other beverages. The medical staff will use it when they need to drink some liquids during their working period. Therefore, this type of bottle has a wide range of applications in hospitals and clinics.

The Medical Glass Vacuum Bottle Used For Scientific Experiments:

The Scientific Glass Vacuum Bottle is also known as the Laboratory Glass Vacuum Bottle because it is widely used in scientific experiments. It can be used for storing various chemicals or solutions that are needed for such experiments. Therefore, it is an indispensable tool for all scientists who conduct experiments at home or abroad.

The Medical Glass Vacuum Bottle Used For Transportation Of Blood Samples:

This type of medical vacuum bottle is mainly used for transporting blood samples from one place to another. It has a very strong ability to resist high temperatures and pressures. This prevents the sample from being contaminated with air during transportation.

What Can A Medical Glass Vacuum Bottle Do For You?

The medical glass vacuum bottle is a very useful tool for the medical field. It can give you a lot of advantages if you know how to use it properly.

Maintain The Temperature Of Liquids And Powders:

It is made of high-quality borosilicate glass, which has a good thermal resistance and a low coefficient of expansion. Therefore, it has good heat insulation performance and can maintain the temperature of liquids and powders for a long time.

Avoid Bacterial Contamination:

The medical glass vacuum bottle has very good corrosion resistance and no harmful material, so it can avoid bacteria contamination effectively. The inner wall is smooth without cracks, thus preventing bacteria from entering through cracks and pores. And there is no place for bacteria to grow inside when stored under low-temperature conditions.

To Prevent Liquid Leakage:

The medical glass vacuum bottle has excellent sealing performance, so it can prevent liquid leakage under high pressure. It can be used for transporting blood, plasma, serum, and other sensitive liquid materials without fear of leakage. The special design of the bottle can also prevent air from entering the bottle when you open it, which makes the liquid inside safe and clean.

Suitable For Long-Distance Transportation:

The medical glass vacuum bottle has a good heat preservation effect and can keep drinks warm or cold for a long time. It is suitable for long-distance transportation because it is not easy to break during transportation and does not leak easily. The temperature resistance of this type of bottle ranges from -20℃ to +120℃, so it meets the needs of most people who need hot water or cold water at any time during the day.

It Is Hard And Not Easy To Damage:

The medical glass vacuum bottles are made of high-quality glass which makes them very hard and durable. They can withstand extreme temperatures, so they will not easily break or crack. This makes them more reliable than plastic bottles and other types of containers that are used in hospitals and other places where they need to transport sensitive materials.

Tips For Using It Better:

The Medical Glass Vacuum Bottle is a common thing. But if you don’t use it correctly, there is a good chance that it will cause some bad effects and may even be dangerous! Here are some tips to help you use it better:

Keep Your Bottle Clean:

It’s important to keep your medical glass vacuum bottle clean so that it doesn’t grow bacteria and mold. This can happen if you don’t wash it properly, which could lead to infection or stomach problems later on in life. Washing it regularly is the best way to prevent this from happening. You should also make sure that you clean the top part of the bottle as well as the bottom part of it. That way, all of your germs will be gone and no one else can get sick from using your vacuum bottle.

Don’t Overfill It With Liquid:

You should never fill your medical glass vacuum bottle all the way up with liquid because it could break if there’s too much pressure inside of it due to heating or cooling down the liquid too quickly when putting the lid back on after taking out some liquid volume from the bottle by using its pour spout (or drinking directly from its opening). You want to leave some space at least 2 inches below the lid’s seal before closing it tightly shut. In that way, there’s enough room for expansion during heating/cooling cycles without risking breaking your medical glass vacuum bottle.

Make Sure The Cap Is On Tightly:

Another thing that you should do if you want to keep yourself safe while using your medical glass vacuum bottles is to make sure that they are tightly closed at all times when they are not being used. You need to make sure that there are no leaks at all when you put them away or else your liquid or powder might leak out and contaminate the area where it is stored.

The High-Quality Medical Glass Vacuum Bottle From CUICAN:

As a manufacturer with more than 10 years of production experience and more than 15 years of expertise in the production of molded glass containers, CUICAN provides customers with high-quality Medical Glass Vacuum Bottles.

High-Quality Raw Materials:

The raw materials used by CUICAN include soda lime silica glass, borosilicate glass, and stainless steel. The raw materials are carefully selected according to their properties, such as thermal shock resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, and so on. By combining different types of raw materials, it is possible to achieve multiple functions in one product. This greatly reduces the cost of production while improving the performance of the product at the same time.

2 Advanced Smart Auto-Production Lines:

Now they have 11 workshops and 30 assembly lines, with an annual output of 300 million pieces (150,000 tons). At the same time, they also have 5 glass processing workshops. So, they can fully meet your needs in terms of your design requirements or product specifications. And they can ensure that all products have good quality and reasonable price.

Advanced Production Technology:

CUICAN adopts hot-end vapor coating technology, cold-end spraying technology, and advanced silicon-rich processing technology. These technologies ensure that all of the products have excellent strength and durability while maintaining low weight and compact shapes for easy transportation. Moreover, the products also meet strict international standards for food safety (USFDA).

Professional OEM And ODM Services:

Customers can send design drawings to CUICAN and let them help you produce safe and reliable medical glass – they are very good at it. They can also provide customized services according to your requirements for various products such as beakers, flasks, culture tubes, glass jars, etc.


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